today has been such a weird day i mean i started school again last week to finally get the right qualification for what i want to do with my life and i was rly worried that i wouldn’t get along with ppl and that i’d be all alone or smth

but that hasn’t happened at all. i get along very very well with ca. 6 ppl. trouble is only that appearently half my class is full of those kinds of ppl that romanticize disability and particularly children with disabilty. spew inspiration porn and post hitler jokes on the facebook group. (now i’m not opposed to hitler jokes per se but however ironically writing a nazi manifesto complete with symbols in the comments when you’re 100% german? yikes) i can just /see/ myself get into trouble with them sooner or later. i just wanted a peaceful learning experience. ;__;

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Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs


The Creator of Devotion - Vogue Hommes Japan

Photography - Matthew StoneStyling: Matthew Josephs
Models: Abiah Hostvedt , others


Times are changing…




Michael Brown is laid to rest. 

God Rest his soul

God, the family of Emmett Till, nearly SIXTY years later.


Movies You Should See (And Maybe Haven’t) - Attack the Block (2011)

Dimples: What kind of alien, out of all the places in the whole wide world, would invade some shitty council estate in south London?
One that’s lookin’ for a fight!