Pillaging, looting, sailing the high seas. Nothing and no one can stop these ruthless pirates… except perhaps the captain of Her Majesty’s royal navy, hot on their trail. But in the pursuit of pirates, something happens that none of them expected- love.

Starring Lucy Liu, Natalie Dormer, Michelle Rodriguez & Tatiana Maslany

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Summer Wars (2009) 


Rigor Mortis (Geung si), 2013, dir. Juno Mak


DaJé Barbour by Danny Lang

Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers [x]



tumblr alt culture might tend towards the self-important and it’s cathartic to make fun of it every once and a while, but ultimately it’s a harmless, if not outright positive, force. it’s giving a bunch of weird teens emotional support, community, and an outlet for their weird teen bullshit at a time in their lives when they need all three

like, every so often some fool tween knee-deep in “uwu” soft-grunge shibboleth puts a trigger warning on a picture of Pikachu because it’s looking straight at the viewer. that’s patently absurd, it’s funny. but it’s an act motivated by sensitivity and an (extremely misplaced) sense of social responsibility. those are fundamentally good things. hopefully that kid is gonna grow up and use that energy in a more sensible, helpful way. this is a callous world, and we need all the empathy we can get.

from what i’ve seen, the cultures that harp on this sort of behavior or treat it like a genuine threat (read: 4chan) follow up with a contempt for women/minorities that they don’t even bother trying to hide any more. if you think a bunch of excitable kids drawing POC Original Characters with undercuts and heterochromia for comics they’re never going to make are a negative presence in this world (or even in your life), you’ve really got to reevaluate your priorities

so godspeed you little weirdos (former little weirdo, now large weirdo, speaking). i hope you have fulfilling lives and never stop looking out for your fellow human being, even if i never want to see another post about Sailor Moon again

important post

god bless the tumblr teens, honestly and truly